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A few meters from the waterfront, near the Idro river, a few steps from the Church of S. Antonio, we discover a real oasis of taste where genuine flavors and the food and wine delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine meet, the Borgia Truffle Academy. The environment, furnished in wood, is composed of an internal room, open kitchen, with the desire to create something different and an external outdoor area, for lunch and / or dinner outdoors.

The restaurant offers dishes using the best local products, including aromas and flavors of the local tradition, using innovative cooking techniques, enhanced by a wine list thanks to personally conducted research in the field as an ideal combination with food.

A unique and unforgettable opportunity to learn about a new tradition typical of this land during your stay in Otranto.

At your request an expert “truffle hunter” will tell you about the extraordinary process through which mother nature generates the truffle and how this noble product of such great value, with its inimitable intense and fragrant aroma, arrives in the kitchens of the best chefs and on gourmet tables of all the world


Giuliano Borgia

Giuliano Borgia

“I believe that Italy is still a good bet, and it takes people just like me who have a passion for their work, simple folk with determination, to make us realise it’s not all lost, contrary to what many might say. Having the willpower to set goals and to keep pressing ahead until we achieve them is the first step to not letting our Country cave in on itself. We’re following in the footsteps of a person who was willing to bet on our homeland, who wanted to make our Traditions known and pass them on to those who maybe only knew them only in part for us to then to do the same. We live in the most beautiful country in the world. Let’s not forget that!”



Going for truffles can be a job, as in our case, or an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature to go in search of a small jewel of nature that is not granted to everyone. It takes patience, passion and effort to go to truffles, but it is an experience that can truly reserve many surprises: nature, enthusiasm and great satisfaction.

Those who want to try the truffle hunting experience can try a Truffle Experience, to spend a fun day.

Try … to learn!

If you are fascinated by the world of truffles and you enjoy the idea of learning the techniques and secrets of truffles, our advice is to try the experience accompanied by expert truffle hunters: from hunting for truffles to tasting it in our restaurant, passing through a thorough explanation of its features, you can get closer to a world. really interesting and full of surprises.


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THE BORGIA TRUFFLE ACADEMY is a gastronomic technological center, where everyone can bring their knowledge of the truffle and its derivatives and, at the same time, can exchange it and increase it, thus creating new ideas, new projects and new products. . Not only a cooking school, but also a school of culture of living well with the aim of always improving the quality of the food and the time to be spent upwards, for this reason excursions for truffle hunting are regularly organized.

We have given ourselves the task of making the truffle the most immediate gateway to a territory, the first experience with which the traveler seeks contact with the traditions of the place, because we are convinced that the truffle declined in all its forms represents an almost unique offer, able to combine food, culture and environment in an inseparable context.

The Accademia del Tartufo Borgia is a place where the taste of eating is developed, not an end in itself, but aimed at enriching the palate and culture, to guide and accelerate the development of projects and events capable of raising the quality and the rate of innovation of Italian food and wine tourism as a whole because, today more than ever, the truffle needs a culture of excellence so that it can become taste excellence itself.


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