The Menu

Hors – d’ouvre

Oysters baked and truffle powder_10,00

Burrata with carpaccio of Gallipoli shrimp purple and truffle_12,00

Fish soup, cuttlefish eggs and truffle_13,00

Fines de Claire Oyster_2,50 each (Raw fish)

Prawns e purple prawns_80,00 kg (Raw fish)

Cream of broad beans and chicory Salento_9,00

Potato gâteau with cream of mushrooms and truffle _9,00

Pizzico “Al Tartufo” (raw ham, cheese, rocket salad, porcini mushrooms, truffle)_15,00

Cold cuts and _15,00

(Imperial pork nek, Pata Negra Lard, Goose salami, Raw ham of Parma 24 months)

Cover charge € 2,00

Main Course

Paccheri with emmer flour brown with blue crab andCherry tomatoes _16,00

Cavatelli withblack chickpeas flour,Gallipoli shrimp purple and truffle_14,00

Tortelloni tomato puff pastry with shellfish,prawns and truffle_13,00

Ravioli with buckwheat flour with bresaola and rocket, porcini mushrooms and truffle_13,00

Tagliatelle carbonara with pecorino cheese, truffle and Marche black pork cheek _13,00

(Attention: NO CREAM!)

Orecchiette with burned grain flour, Cardoncelli mushrooms and truffle_12,00

strictly only use this fresh pasta hand made

Second Course

Slice Mediterranean red tuna to smoked sesame with soya sauce  beetroot pistils (sashimi cut) _18,00

Catalan Blue Crab with sauce gazpacho and Truffle_13,00

Baked mackerel roulade with friscous, coconut puree, black pepper and mint on vegetable caponata and truffle _12,00

Black Cod (Alaskan black Carbonaro) glazed with miso on cream of peas, truffle, Sous Vide cooking at low temperature_24,00

Smoked Chateaubriand filletat the Negramaro with porcini cream and truffleSous Vide cooking at low temperature_23,00

Fassona Piemontese tartare_15,00

Sliced of beef cut Cube Roll Italia with truffle 45day maturation_18,00

Cake vegetables with quail poached egg with truffle_13,00

Side Dishes

Baked potatoes to accordion with herbs_4,00

Porcini mushrooms baked_6,00

Cake mix vegetables and tomato sauce_5,00

Mix Salad (iceberg, radicchio, rocket salad)_4,00

Salads Pere(radicchio, pears, rocked salad,

pistachios, sheep cheese)_7,00

Cut cheeses with jams bio_18,00

A path tasting to savor slice after slice…  

Luna gialla: 30 day maturatio_figs 

Luna rossa: 90 day maturation_carob tree

Orus: 30-90 day maturation_orange

Caseus: 90 day maturation and

30 day in the earthenware with aromatic grass_grapes

Cheese for peace: 90 day on grill and cleanse 

10 day with water and salt_pear


Cigar’s chocolate with grain coconut and cream tiramisù_5,00

*recommended in combination with grappa Evo Fumo

Tiramisù of the Chef_5,00

Casket of chocolate with vanilla mousse, raspberry, crunchy and mint _6,00

Rectangle of cheesecake with tofu and lemon (gluten free)_5,00

Chocolate muffin with cherry heart in spirits with hazelnut mousse _5,00

Lemon sorbet_3,00

*recommended in combination with vodka Evo Cedro


 Seasonal fruit_4,00


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