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The Al Tartufo restaurant – restaurant – suggests its guests a food and wine itinerary that allows you to taste the food-wine pairing dishes that best identify the chef’s cuisine.


6 courses… € 75 per person, minimum two people
(for the tasting menu the participation of all table guests at the same menu is required)

 Wine pairing, 4 glasses, 4 labels … € 35

the tasting includes: service, covered, bread, Surgiva water 0.75 cl, coffee and bitter 
(other beverages excluded)

Hors – d’ouvre

Cuttlefish quenelle on purple potato cream with finger lime, truffle and licorice powder_13,00

Red chard sponge bread with Cantabrian anchovies with cuttlefish black coral_12,00

Alberobello Burrata DOP with carpaccio of purple prawns from Gallipoli and truffle_12,00

Blinis with caviar Calvisius Tradition on Isigny butter AOP (Normandy butter)_20,00

Oyster Fines de Claire_2.50 each (raw)
Oyster Belon_8,00 each. (raw on availability)
Oyster Gillardeau_10,00 each (raw on availability)

Purple prawns, scampi, lobster_80,00 kg (raw and cooked on availability)

Lobster, sea cicada_120,00 kg (raw and cooked on availability)

Organic egg cooked at a low temperature 63.5 ° on cauliflower cream with friscus and truffle_10,00

Pumpkin savarin with Taleggio fondue DOP, honey mushrooms,
truffle and crispy pork cheek black from Marche_12,00

Potato gâteau with Italian porcini mushroom cream and truffle_9,00

Pizzico Al Tartufo (ham, mozzarella, rocket, porcini, Tartufo)_15,00
It consists of a round pizza (or two pizzas on each other) of about 20 cm in diameter, superficially seasoned with oil, oregano, pepper, parmesan and salt (like focaccia).

Platter of cold cuts_15,00
(Imperial Lonzino, Lard of Patanegra, Salami d’Oca, Parma Ham DOP 24 months)

Main Course

Carnaroli Acquarello risotto aged 7 years with Calvisius Traditioncaviar_28,00 (minimum for two people)

Harlequin maccheroncini (beetroot, spinach, cuttlefish ink, turmeric)with razor clams and cuttlefish _15,00

Fagottino of buckwheat flour with turbot with artichokes and truffle_16,00

Beluga lentil pie with Alaskan smoked wild Sockeye Salmon and truffle_13,00

Carnaroli Acquarellorisotto aged 7 years with porcini mushrooms and truffle_18,00 (minimum for two people)

Ravioloni of emmer flour brown stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms with pumpkin and truffle_14,00

Carbonara tagliatelle with pecorino cheese, black pig cheek of the Marche and truffle_13,00
(Warning: NO CREAM!)

Giant Fusilli with cereal flour (emmer, barley, rye, maize, durum wheat) with venison and truffle_13,00

Orecchiette with tomato sauce_6,00

We strictly use only fresh pasta made by hand

Second Course

Mediterranean red tuna fillet -sashimi cut- to the smoked chia,
orange drop with sprouts of beetroot_18,00

Caught fish in stewed or salt (upon availability) _65,00 kg

Salad with cod tripe and Brussels sprouts on beetroot gazpacho sauce_13,00

Alaskan smoked wild Sockeye Salmon on passion fruit sauce with purple potato cream, truffle, 
Sous Vide cooking at low temperature
_ 26,00

Guinea fowl breast at Wellington with duxelles sauce, lard of Patanegra and truffle_15,00

Pork fillet smoked with orange shavings with wine Primitivo di Manduria sauce,
coriander air on carrot cream with truffle,
Sous Vide cooking at low temperature

Venison carrè on carob sauce, goji berries and truffle, Sous Vide cooking at low temperature_ 20,00

Sliced ​​beef New Zealand Ocean Beefcut Cube Roll with truffle 45 days maturation250gr_23,00

Vegetable pie with poached quail egg and truffle_13,00

Sliced ​​Beef Wagyu from Kobe with truffle_65,00 hectogram (upon availability)

Side Dishes

Herbs baked potatoes_4,00

Porcini mushroom cream with polenta chips_6,00

Steamed caponata pie_5,00

Mixed salad (iceberg, radicchio, rocket) _4,00

Pear salad (radicchio, pear, rocket, pistachio, pecorino) _7,00


Cut cheeses with jams bio_18,00 
A path tasting to savor slice after slice…  

Luna gialla: 30 day maturatio_figs 

Luna rossa: 90 day maturation_carob tree

Orus: 30-90 day maturation_orange

Caseus: 90 day maturation and  30 day in the earthenware with aromatic grass_grapes

Cheese for peace: 90 day on grill and cleanse 10 day with water and salt_pear


Chocolate cigar with coconut flakes, fresh ricotta and tiramisu cream_5,00
* recommended in combination with Evo Fumo grappa

Chef’s tiramisu_5,00

Petit four_7,00                Mignardises_8,00

Rectangle of cheesecake to the tofu with lemon (Gluten free) _5,00

The lumberjack’s basket_5,00

Spheres autumn-winter_6,00

Lemon sorbet_3,00 * recommended in combination with Evo Cedro vodka

 Seasonal fruit_4,00

Cover_2,50            Change gluten free_2,00

Sorry if sometimes we could say no to you, but it is only for lack of the genuine product


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